Running Your Own Day Care Nursery

by Angela | Published on April 9, 2014

Running your own nursery is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves working with children and wants to help them develop their skills and knowledge. You will also have the responsibility of dealing with the day to day running of the nursery for example dealing with your staff and of course the children’s parents/families and making sure that your nursery is up to standard when it comes to inspector visits and of course cleanliness.

Running Your Own Day Care Nursery

With this role you’ll need to be a strong leader of your team and must have good communication skills as you’ll be dealing with a wide range of people in your day to day running of your nursery. You must also have good business skills and also a good, clear understanding of child protection, education issues and early years.

what qualifications to run a child care nursery

Qualifications you’ll need

Your level of experience and skills will determine what course you will have to take. You will have to have a Level 3 childcare qualification with a nationally recognised awarding body for example CACHE and you must have already had two years of experience in working with children before you can run your own nursery.

It really doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked with children before so long as it’s your dream and you have the determination to succeed with your studies, you must realise that starting at the very beginning may take some time but if that doesn’t bother you then you’re on the right track, you’ll get there eventually and you will be living your dream, running your very own nursery.

Ok so let’s say you’re a beginner starting at the very beginning, you’ll have to go through many levels of studies including level 1, level 2 and then onto level 3 where once successfully completed this will be your ticket into running your own nursery. This may take a few years like we said before but it will surely be worth the wait.

If on the other hand you already have knowledge regarding childcare and are already working with children you will have less work to carry out, you may already have a Level 2 qualification. If this is the case then you’ll just have to complete your Level 3 to get to your goal.

If you’re already working with children then you have the added bonus of maybe carrying out your practical parts of your diploma with studying for your Level 3 qualification.

Whatever stage your at training centres and local colleges will have the courses that are right for you and don’t forget about distance learning courses, they are a great way of getting through your courses if you haven’ got the time that’s needed to go to colleges or training centres.

Your Roles as a Nursery Manager

You will provide day care for young children and also babies up to the age of 5. You will carry out many duties throughout your day including:

  • Creating a clean, safe, stimulating and caring environment, for the children that will help to promote learning and play.
  • Supervising activity planning and making sure that the children are happy when they are learning and playing.
  • Working closely with parents/families and it’s your job to make sure you are giving them a progress report.
  • Working with others in your team and other professionals to make sure the children’s needs are met.
  • Making sure that the equipment you are using in the nursery is clean and safe to play with.

Regarding your business responsibilities you’ll have to:

  • Recruit others for your team
  • Support and develop your team
  • Manage your budgets
  • Arrange publicity materials and marketing
  • Create management reports and manage child and staff reports

The nursery must be run in line with health and safety, health and environmental regulations.

So that’s about it really as you can see your tasks are very demanding but highly rewarding with the knowledge that you are running a safe, clean, happy and stimulating nursery that is helping children to learn and develop their skills.

Let us now take this opportunity to wish you the very best of luck with your studies in your quest to running your own nursery. Best of luck!